Easy Key Lime Pie Bars


Baking key lime pie squares is much less daunting than baking key lime pie.  Well, for me at least.  There�s no fear that your slices of pie will turn out ugly.  I aim to avoid ugly food at all costs, so these easy squares came to life.

NO words can do these squares justice.  When I took the first bite, I stepped back in my kitchen and told Kevin, �these are the best thing I�ve ever baked.�  Truly, they are.  The combination of cool, creamy, tart lime filling sitting atop a spicy sweet gingersnap crust is unbelievable.  And I made sure to make an extra thick gingersnap crust. For obvious reasons.

These key lime pie squares are truly one of the most refreshing, flavorful summer desserts I�ve had. And you know what?  They are insanely easy to make.  Why spend hours slaving away in your kitchen?  With these, you don�t have to.

I made these yesterday and wow, they are amazing!!! I used half Anna�s ginger thins and half graham crackers. Packed the crust in tight with the bottom of a drinking glass. Used light cream cheese because that�s what I had on hand. Beat with a regular ol� spatula. Used regular fresh limes. Baked in an 8�8 for about 6 extra minutes. Absolutely delicious! Tart yet oh so creamy. Love it!

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